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Nuclear Power Live Wallpaper Android ~ Download Free

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Harness the power of a futuristic nuclear reactor on your mobile device. This live wallpaper was created for high intensity visuals, but uses very little memory, little battery usage, and little processor calculations so it won’t slow down your mobile device or apps. Animation is designed to use Open GL technology and android software. Nuclear power will run smooth on all high and low end android devices. Perfect for anyone who wants an amazing visual effects live wallpaper with minimum effort.
In the future everything will be powered by nuclear fission or nuclear fusion. This is the process of splitting atoms or fusion atoms to release an enormous amount of power that will shake your android device screen. Your mobile device will stand out with a massive green glowing orb of nuclear power rotating, swirling and generating enough light energy that this live wallpaper can also be used as a light source in the dark.
*Minimum battery usage
*Vivid Colors
*Open GL
*Landscape mode supported
*Low file size